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Does your child love to draw . write or create fantastic designs?
Here is a product that is a GREAT BRIDGE to a parent-child attachment . and a GOOD TOOL to MOTIVATE child to be CREATIVE introducing the KIDDIE MINI TABLET.
Kiddie Mini Tablet is a PORTABLE and EASY to USE 12?? DRAWING ART TABLET. It is an INNOVATIVE LARGE material that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for WRITING . DRAWING . and SOLVING MATH GAMES. It TEACHES the CHILDREN to know and familiarize with LETTERS and PICTURES. It helps to GROW the child’s BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and MOTOR SKILLS.

Kiddie Mini Tablet has a STYLUS that makes it EASY for your child to write and draw. It has a MEMORY LOCK FUNCTION where you can LOCK the ERASE BUTTON to prevent the child from DELETING ACCIDENTLY its work. It can also EASILY and QUICKLY DELETE images and words in just one button. It is more CONVENIENT than SPENDING too much paper and having a MESSY area because of eraser’s residue.

Kiddie Mini Tablet is SAFE and EFFECTIVE to use for KIDS.Made of high quality ABS material . non-toxic. It is ideal to use as a practice device for honing your kid’s writing and drawing skills or as learning and fun experience for you and your child.


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