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Have a sweet and meaningful dreams and be protected at night with this dream catcher.

The PURPOSE and MEANING of a DREAM CATCHER is to PROTECT and GUIDE SLEEPING PEOPLE . usually the CHILDREN from BAD DREAMS and NIGHTMARES. Here is LED LIGHT DREAM CATCHER that is a PERFECT night guard for a sweet dream nights.

LED Light Dream Catcher is a BEAUTIFUL HAND-WOOVEN CRAFT that forms a WEB LIKE PATTERN with MAGICAL LED FEATHERS. It is BELIEVED that it CATCHES BAD DREAMS by letting it PASS BY through the HOLES and OUT of the WINDOW and the GOOD DREAMS from the WEB will SLIDE DOWN to the FEATHERS to the SLEEPING PERSON keeping them SAFE and SWEET DREAMS.

LED Light Dream Catcher is also a PERFECT DCOR to your ROOM for a COZIER and MORE MAGICAL VIBE. The LED LIGHT FEATHERS ADDS UP a DRAMATIC LOOK making your ROOM EXTRA SPECIAL and having a more COMFORTABLE AMBIANCE to SLEEP on. It can be HANG in the Bedroom . Baby Tent . Baby Crib . Balcony . Car . or anywhere you like to. It is SAFE to USE and has a LOW CONSUMPTION BATTERY SUPPLY. It is PERFECT GIFT for your Family . Friends and Loved Ones.


  • Color: pink .white .green .purple .blue
  • Size:Overall length:55cm .Diameter 11CM
  • Weight: 60g
  • Battery: 2*button battery
  • Material Science: Feather . Cotton Rope . Lamp beads


  • 1 x LED Light Dream Catcher


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