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Love fishing but hate having to hold on to your fishing rod all day? Or hate losing fish because you failed to set the hook properly in time?

Worry no more! Now is the time to get this Automatic Spring Hook Setter . a better solution to catch fish without losing it . since it automatically springs up your fishing rod when the fish bites.

This unique Auto Spring Fishing Rod Lifterwill actually pullback when a fish bites.Perfect for shore fishers with many rods out at the same time . or just lazyand boat fishing lovers.The spring loaded rod holder will actually pull back whenever a fish is detected on the line. Using an innovative way of stringing the line through a hook on the device . it becomes a super sensitive way of detecting when a fish is on the line and will immediately pull back on the rod to set the line.

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  • High ImpactResistance & Prism Construction:Prism construction makes for a sturdy rod holder and allows the fork to easilyplug into the soil.Springs are ultra strong and able to withstand a maximum tension up to 50kg!
  • Fishing rod holder equipped withdouble spring-loaded tip-up actionand sets your hook automatically!
  • Line trigger activatestip-up only when fishhits the hookNo Misfires!
  • 3 Trigger levelsfor sensitivity depending on anticipated fish size:

Level 1 trigger (towards rod tip): Large fish greater than2-5 kg.

Level 2 trigger (middle): Medium fish between0.5-1 kg.

Level 3 trigger (near rod grip): Small fish less than0.5kg.

  • 2 built-in ground stakes:The circle plate for the fishing rack holder easily plugs into the soil. You can put your hand directly on the plate and push it to the soil.

  • Anti-rust & Anti-corrosion:Plated steel material for excellent durability and strength.

How to Use:


    • Material:Thickened stainless steel.
    • Size: Height: 48.7cm (Folded: H * W – 37 * 21cm)
    • Weight: 495g.


    Package Includes:

    • 1 xAuto Spring Fishing Rod Lifter.


    • Avoid putting hands and fingers where triangle forms (when the rod is set and spring is loaded) to avoid injury.



    • Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


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