Magic 360 Rotation Microfiber Mop – Quality Grabber


Mop Your House Like Magic

Tired of the constant wrist pain you get from ringing out the mop like your milking cows? How abouthacking away at your floors and getting nowhere? Good news! We’ve found a way that you can clean your floors and have them spotless and sparkle. Introducing Magic 360 Rotation Microfiber Mop . the perfect all-in-one solution to leave your floors looking brand new.

Easy two-in-one system that makes for a better cleaning job and a spotless mop. Combination of self dry and wash all-in-one. Simply dip in the wash bucket and once you pull it back out it’s good as new. Ready to pick up more dirt and reveal the true glow that your floors have.

Made with strong microfiber pads built into the stitching for stronger absorption and deeper clean. Picks up and absorbs twice as much dirt with fewer do-overs.

Created with a highly durable stainless steel and PVC material all throughout the entire kit. Giving you better sustainability over the years and a reliable mop you can count on.

What’s truly amazing about this product that has our repeat customers constantly writing us back about is its ease of use and convenience that it gives that no other traditional mop just can’t seem to do. With the Magic 360 Rotation Microfiber Mop . we give you a cleaner and most importantly shiny spotless floors in no time. Get yours today so you can have your floors shine like new silverware!


Better Absorption-Getting up all the dirt and grime much faster without even leaking a drop. Which means you get to mop through your floors without even taking a break to ring it out. Saving you time and energy from constantly ringing it out yourself.

Time & Energy Saver-Saving you the time from constantly stopping to ring out your mop and lets you finish your floors in no time. Giving you more time to do the things you truly love to do.

Fully Adjustable-360-degree rotation so you never miss a spot from any angle. Leaving your floor spotless with a new home shine that is absolutely priceless.

High Durability-Meaning you can use this mop day after day month after month year after year without showing any signs of wear on it. Making it the perfect and reliable cleaning mate for your floors.


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