Magic Inflatable Bubble Ball – Quality Grabber


Every child needs the right distraction right now!

Especially in this time . where everyone is at home . you want tospoilyour childextra.The Magic InflatableBubble Ball is the solution.It is perhaps the most versatile indestructible toy that will keepyourchild entertained all day long!


Unbreakable:This balloon is made of a special material called Xpandium.This is anextrastrong materialthat is unbreakable and which is ideal for one or more children to use at the same time!

Safe:Made without BPA’s . PVC and latex.Sustainableandenvironmentally friendly!

This special balloon is easy to fill with air or water and can be used for any occasion.The gift for every season!

Easy to use:The simple closure system makes it easy to take the balloon everywhere . fill it up anddeflateit at any time.This makes the balloon ideal for transporting even in a backpack.

With the Magic InflatableBubble Ball you will see abig smileon your child’s face in no time.


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