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STRESS can make our bodies TENSE UP and PHYSICALLY CLENCH . and it AFFECTS our MOOD and DAY. No matter what or who the cause of your stress . here is a way to RELEASE them and MAGNIFY a GOOD MOOD . presenting the

Magnetic Anti-Stress Toy is a LITTLE LIQUID SUBSTANCE in a BOTTLE that can be MAGNETIZED in the presence of a MAGNETIC FIELD. It is a COLLOIDAL LIQUIDS that is made of NANOSCALE FERROMAGNETIC PARTICLES suspended in a carrier fluid. It is SAFELY and SECURELY SEALED in a BOTTLE with a TOUGH and IMPACT RESISTANT GLASS. It is SAFE and NON-TOXIC.

Magnetic Anti-Stress Toy is AWSOME to PLAY with especially when you’re STRESSED OUT or THINKING REALLY HARD as it RELAXES and CALMS your MIND . BODY and SOUL while playing with it. You can CREATE FUN and FASCINATING SHAPES and FIGURES such as Drops . Pieces . Spikes . and make it DANCE and MOVE AROUND depending on the SPEED and FORCE you put through the magnet . and USE your IMAGINATION to DIVERT your ATTENTION and RELEASE the STRESS AWAY!

Magnetic Anti-Stress Toy has an IMPORTANT REMINDER that it CANNOT STAND LOW and HIGH TEMPERATURE or it will get broken EASILY. Nonetheless . it is PERFECT for ALL AGES and can be PLAYED in any OCCASION.


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