Magnetic Copper Bracelet – Quality Grabber

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There have been a number of significant breakthroughs in medical science recently . and one of them is the beneficial properties of four healing elements: Neodymium Magnet . FIR . Germanium . and Negative Ions.

These elements have been thoughtfully crafted into a bracelet??the Bio Magnetic Therapy Wristband Bracelet. By wearing the bracelet and coming in contact with the 4 elements mentioned . you’ll experience a healthier . happier . pain-free life!


GERMANIUM – Provides relief for conditions such as Osteoarthritis . rheumatoid arthritis . and osteoporosis. Increases blood circulation . especially towards the brain. It’s also an anti-oxidant.

FAR INFRARED – Enhances blood circulation in the skin . modulates sleep . eases pain caused by inflammation . and protects the body from oxidative stress.

NEGATIVE IONS – Increase mental clarity by removing positive ions. These ions also act as a natural anti-depressant. Improves respiratory conditions . preventing the flu . coughs and more. It helps to combat harmful free radicals within the body.

NEODYMIUM MAGNET– Benefits the neural system and relieves fatigue. It helps with balance and coordination. Relieves spasm . joint . and even muscle pain!

THERAPEUTIC YET STYLISH –As much as this bracelet is therapeutic . it’s also designed to look sleek and fashionable. A beautiful finish on the metal provides a chic & modern look to the bracelet.

DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE -Crafted out of titanium??a strong . lightweight metal. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it! 100% HYPOALLERGENIC. Completely nickel & lead-free. You won’t experience any itching or inflammation with the use of this bracelet.

FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN –A unisex bracelet that both men and women can significantly benefit from.

A THOUGHTFUL GIFT -Know someone suffering from pain? Show your support by gifting them this bracelet. Whether you are a receiver or a witness to the bracelet’s healing capabilities . we are extremely happy to have made a positive impact on your lives.

All in all this bracelet helps improve circulation . reduces inflammation . promotes relaxation . boosts the immune system . lets you have better sleep . it relieves pain . enforces positive thinking . and best of all . it looks stylish!

With that being said . say goodbye to NSAIDs for pain and inflammation. With the Therapeutic Energy Healing Bracelet start anew . start fresh??start pain-free and healthy.


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