Creative Magnetic Sticks And Steel Spheres – Pine Roads

$59.99 $22.95

  • This creative DIY magnetic building blocks toy is easy to use. It can be played in different ways.
  • It includes 36pcs magnetic sticks and 27pcs magnetic beads which can be built into different shapes. Also . more parts can be added to build a more complex shape.
  • It is packed in a tin box which is convenient to carry.

Magnetic Stick Size (about): diameter 4mm x length 23mm/0.16*0.91in.
Steel Ball Diameter (about): 8mm/0.31in.
Age Range:10-12Y . 4-6Y . 7-9Y . >14Y
Pieces:36PCS Magnetic Sticks & 27PCS Steel Balls
Material:Magnetic Sticks


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