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Long car rides can sometimes leave drivers or passengers with low-back aches and fatigued muscles. We decided to do something about this discomfort by developing the Massaging Back Pillow For The Car!

Our pillow applies the power of vibration to the back muscles to gently massage them during driving. The intensity can be adjusted to fit personal preferences.

Never get behind the wheel without the amazing Massaging Back Pillow For The Car!

  • Relieves Driving Fatigue:Driving should be an enjoyable experience and not include back pain! Our pillow reduces pain and fatigue while in the car by relieving muscle tension and promoting good blood circulation.
  • Dynamic Design:Made to align with human body mechanics that conform to the back. The front of the pillow is designed with a large number of prototype massage cylinders . a built-in vibration starter . and functions that are conducive to human blood circulation.
  • High-Quality Materials:Attractive microfiber design that is tear-resistant and brilliantly colored.


  • Materials: Microfiber PU leather
  • Plug Type: 12V(Car Dedicated)
  • Product Weight: Waist Pillow: 530G
  • Package Contents: 1 x Massaging Back Pillow For The Car


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