Masterpiece Optical Drawing Board – Goods Must Buy


Optical Imaging Drawing Board Lens Sketch Specular Reflection Dimming Bracket Holder Painting Mirror Plate Tracing Copy Table

Note: This product requires the protective film to be removed for normal use!!!

Suitable for: children . adults . teachers . start-up artists
Product size: 20.2*13.5cm
material: plastic

1. Principle of optical imaging: Lens imaging is not a projection . but observation through a lens . you can see the image on the canvas.
2. Material: Optical coated polymethyl methacrylate lens ABS plastic . durable.
3. Support for mobile phones and tablets – you need to download the optical drawing application . put the phone on the shelf . and then you can start drawing without the need for drawing skills.
4. Education: Help develop hand-eye coordination and basic drawing skills.

packing list:
1 x Tracing Drawing Board
1 x Clamp


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