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Struggling to get a toned & muscular body? MAX Body Building Workout Enhancer powerfully boosts your workout efficacy by 400% while aiding tissue repair for body building ?C 1 time Workout = 4 times Result!

The fast absorbing . non sticky formula powers up your muscle protein synthesis and fuels your body gains for getting those defined abs . biceps . and chest.

The body building cream tones & tightens your skin & muscles . increasing blood flow to the muscles for scaling up your workout performance& metabolic rate.


  • MAX muscle gain & toning catalyst for body building
  • Scales up workout efficacy for faster result
  • Visible difference in appearance of abs
  • Increases fiber volume & plumps up targeted areas
  • Boosts muscular endurance during intense exercise
  • Anti-inflammatory to aid repair after strenuous exercise
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Main Ingredients: Aqua . Glycerol . Caffeine . Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate . Laureth-7 . Hydrogenated GrapeseedOil . Carnitie . Phenoxyethanol .Methy l Parahydroxybenzoate . Propylaraben . Parfum(fragrance)
  • Net Capacity: 60ml


  1. Apply an appropriate amount to targeted area.
  2. Massage ina circular motionsfor around 10 minsuntil fullyabsorbed.
  3. Followed by workouts for a prominent result


  • 1PC XMAX Body Building Workout Enhancer Cream


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