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  • Competitive game memory competition . suitable for all ages . is a toy suitable for the whole family . movement observation and attention memory.
  • Smooth and burr-free .each piece has been carefully polished for many rounds . touching smoothly and delicately.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint . free from organic solvents. Paint diluted with water to zero formaldehyde . double coloring. Color is full and delicate.
  • Naturally derived materials . controlled by the source of the material . controlled by multiple layers of processing . selected New Zealand pine eucalyptus.
Place all chess pieces on the chess board.
Try to remember in which hole the different color parts are inserted.

Shake the cubes
Find the corresponding chess pieces with the same color as the dice.

If the color of the chess pieces matches the color of the top of the dice . keep the chess pieces.
Who gets more chess pieces in the end . who wins the game.

Weight: 0.4 kg
Paint surface: environmentally friendly water-based paint
Material: high quality wood
Size: 18 * 17 * 5.5cm


1 x memory chess

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