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Train & Improve Your Children’s Memory!

A toy is just what yourkids want and an educational toy is whatyouwish to buy for your kids. For them . learning shouldn’t be boring.

Memory Game Chess allows your child to play while learning. Itis a memory game that could improve your children’s understanding and brainstorming. Ithelps with cognitive development . hand-eye coordination . andproblem-solving skillsmaking it fun.

Arosetop Kids Wooden Memory Match Stick Chess Educational Game Toy ...

Studies state that increasing memory capacity will help to improve your kids’ self-awareness . communication skills . social skills and also self-confidence. These improvements in concentration also aid future learning in them too.

Kid Wooden Memory Match Stick Chess Educational Fun Game ...

The objective of this fun board game for kids is simple.Roll the dice to reveal color .find a matching color pin on the boardand collect as many pieces as possible (when playing with other children).


  • SHARPENS BABY’S BRAIN:Memory Game Chess canhelp toimprove a baby’sthree-dimensional imagination . color cognitive ability and stimulate the baby’s curiosityat her or his early age.
  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT:At a young age . the gamecan enhance your child’s brain. Itimproves IQ . raises bonding with parents .and makes their brains accurate. It alsoprevents them to depend on gadgets.
  • STOPS GADGET DEPENDENCE:Spend Time with Kids . Adults . and Grandparents . STOP Kids from spending too much time on Phones and Pads.
  • FOR ALL AGES:The memory chess gamekeeps your brain snappy and active . thisprevents memory declineand other relevant health issues.A game forall members of the family . grandparents . kids . and parents!
  • SMOOTH WOOD MATERIAL:Made ofsafe wooden material and non-toxic water paint . allow you to use with reassurance. With a painted smooth surface layer . itdoes not hurt kids’ hands easily.


  1. Place all pawns randomly on thechessboard upside down.
  2. Take a few seconds to memorize where the colors areplaced on the chessboard.
  3. Throw the dice and find out which color to look for.
  4. Pick as many identical colored pawns as you can on the chessboard. If the chessman is with the same color on the top of the dice then keep the chessman. Who gets more chessmen at last who wins the game.OR you can set thewinning standard to getting 4 same color chessmen or 6 different color chessmen.


  • Material: TopBeechWood .GreenLacquer
  • Plate Diameter: 18cm
  • Chess Width: 1.5cm; Chess Height: 4.3cm
  • Dice:2cm x 2cm x 2cm

  • 24 x Colored Sticks (in 6 Colors)
  • 1 x Dice
  • 1 x Gaming Board



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