Metal Roller Ball Massage Glove – Delicate Lilac

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Always felt tired and muscle pain? Metal Roller Ball Massage Gloveis a physical acupressuremassager which can effectively release your tight muscle . sensitive nerves and painful body!

Made of metal powerful roller balls . the glovemassages your neck . limbs and body with powerful pressing. Also . it awakes the blood circulation and metabolism . body recovers energy rapidly.

With the elastic and foldable handle . you can press anywhere of body by covering different parts of body!Massage with your lover and family in the hard and tough period!


  • Metal Roller Ball Massage Glove
    360 degree rotatable with powerful metal
    roller balls can relax body immediately!
  • Releases Nerves & Muscles
    Unblocks the tight nerves & muscle are released by pressing force repeatedly

    • Powerful Roller Balls
      Intensifies the force
      by only using less effort for massaging . save your energy
    • Blood Circulation & Metabolism
      Push blood system more fluent and remove useless matter
    • Recovering Energy
      Fasten energy recovering when muscle pain and after exercise
    • Expulsionof Waste &Toxin
      Cleans waste and toxin effectively in the
      blood vessel
        • Foldable DurableHandle
          Soft and foldable handle can cover limbs and neck entirely . muscle recovers faster

        • Reduce Chance of Sick & Tired
          . reduce chance of sick and feeling of tired
        • Massage Organs
          Unblocks the blood vessel and make your body warmer

        • Adjustable Handle
          Adjust the size of handle depend on your need

            • Size: 16 x 8 cm
            • Material: PVC . Metal Ball


              • 1x Metal Roller Ball Massage Glove


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