Metallic Nail Polish – Gummychoco

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If you’re not already obsessed with chrome nails . you’re about to be. TheMirror Nail Polishcan achievechrome nails without the powder!

It’s just one step and one product to achieve themirrored .futuristic effectwithout gel or powder.Takethenail gameto the next level!


  • Chrome nails without powder.
  • Charming metallic mirror effect.
  • A professional nail art gift.

      How to use:
      1. File and buffer your nails to get a smooth surface.
      2. Apply one coat of base coat . wait for it dry. (It’s better to use UV base coat gel for perfect mirror metal effect)
      3. (Shake the bottle before use) Apply the metal polish wait for it dry.
      4. Apply Top Coat.


      • Package Includes: 1 x Mirror Nail Polish
      • Capacity: 6 ml


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