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Introducing an innovative product that can help you SEE and CHECK things CLEARLY. We’re happy to offer you the


Micro Phone Clip-on Camera is a SMALL MICROSCOPE that can be CLIPPED ON to your SMARTPHONES to EASILY and CONVENIENTLY VIEW TINY objects. It has a MAGNIFICATION up to 60X making the OBJETCS ULTRA CLEAR and ACCURATE.

It has an ADJUSTABLE FOCAL DISTANCE. It has a LED LIGHT and a UV LIGHT to HELP DETECT and OBSERVE objects such as paper currencies and more.

Micro Phone Clip-on Camera is QUICK and EASY to ATTACH to your PHONE’S CAMERA with its CLIP. It has a THREE LR1130 BUTTON BATTERIES INCLUDED. It is PERFECT for Biological use . Jewelry . Coins . Paper Money . Antiques . Precision Parts . Circuit Boards and more.

It is also APPLICABLE to PRINTING Medicine . gardening . Stamps . Appraisals . Education . and Industrial Fields. It has a SMALL CLOTH BAG for a SAFER and CONVENIENT storage.


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