Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen – Delicate Lilac

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Create hair-like strokes with ease for FILLED .NATURAL-LOOKING eyebrows

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Penfeaturing a micro-fork tippedapplicator brush that createshair-like strokesfor natural . full eyebrows with microblading effect. With long-lasting ink formula . you can wear perfect brows for 24-hour long. No transfer. No smudge.

Getperfectly-defined . hair-like brows byjust afew strokes now!


  • Full & Natural Eyebrows
    Designed with precise micro-fork tip . which allows to draw realistic hair-like strokes. Just a few strokes to createnaturally filled eyebrows with microblading effect.

  • Long-lasting Formula
    Lasts all day long with waterproof . smudge-proof .transfer-proofproperties.

  • Perfect Shades
    Available in 4 great colorsthat blends in perfectly with your natural color for a superior finish!
  • Hypoallergenic-free
    Feel safe to use without causing any allergy or itch.


Step 1.Always apply the pen on clean skin.

Step 2.Place forked tip angled down . start from nose to outer corner of brow . draw hair like strokes slowly. Repeat for desired effect.

Step 3.To saturate the tip of the pen . hold the pen face down for 5 seconds & gently wipe the tip on a clean tissue before continuing the application. Always make sure to replace cap tightly.

Step 4.To remove . use soap and water or a makeup remover product.


  • Net Weight:1 ml
  • Color: Light brown . Dark brown . Auburn brown . Gray
  • Package Size:15 x 8 x 8 cm


  • 1x Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


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