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A MUST-TRY revolutionaryVelvet Make-up Sponge for that silky flawless touch!

Microfiber Velvet Fusing Sponge will replace any tool used for powder . cream . or liquid face makeup; making this the ultimate all-in-one applicator. No soaking up of foundation like the ones you’ve tried!

Our velvet flocking material provides hair-like fibers that creates the effect of a makeup brush . while giving you a seamless application from using a makeup sponge. The slanted edge makes it easy for accurate application.


  • Velvet-soft microfiber bristles for seamless application
  • Air brush & smooth finish
  • Slanted edge for controlled stippling
  • Non-allergenic material & buildable coverage
  • Makeup brush + sponge effect
  • Works with liquid & powder product
  • Minimal absorption for extra saving


  • Material: Hydrophilic Polyurethane . Anti-microbial Microfiber


  • WET Use:
    • Wet the sponge and wring out the excess moisture before applying makeup (size will double when wet)
    • For liquid / cream products
  • DRY Use:
    • For powders . blush . highlight . and setting or baking powders


    1. Using warm water . apply mild soap and work into a lather. Gently use fingers to squeeze and rub sponge.
    2. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
    3. Squeeze excess moisture . then air dry.


    • 1PC XMicrofiber Velvet Fusing Sponge


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