Mini Billiards Pool Board Game – Best Trendy Deals


The Mini Billiards Pool Board Gamecan supply all the fun of pool . without taking up the majority of a game roomor an expensive table. The compact table enables easy storage and portability for condensed fun anywhere! Keep busy by playing a fun game! Easy for children to use too!
The sidebar return allows for easier ball retrieval . similar to pub-style billiards tables. The Mini Billiards Pool Board Gameincludes two billiard cues . a set of billiard balls . a triangle . table set up.
  • Small and Portable:This portable miniature pool table set is the ideal space-saving size and is perfect for places where you don’t have room for a full-sized billiards table.
  • Realistic Design:Made with wood and the same green felt that covers regulation-sized billiards tables. Game balls and cues are the optimal sizes and weight for the table . making it easy to practice shots and perfect your skills.
  • Ages:This tabletop billiard game is great for all ages. Small enough for children to maneuver easily . yet sturdy enough for adults to enjoy as well. Everyone can appreciate this toy on family game night.


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