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A perfect fun interactive toy for kids’ agility and brain development.

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Introducing an OUT OF THIS WORLD TOY that kids and kid at heart will surely love . the MINI DRONE TOY!

Mini Drone Toy is a 360?? SENSOR-GUIDED HOVER MINI DRONE. It has a FOUR MOTOR POWER that can make it FLY 360??. It has an AUTO-ROTATE and can DETECT OBSTACLES feature with its ADVANCED LED INFRARED SENSOR TECHNOLOGY making it EASY for you to CONTROL DIRECTIONS and ALTITUDES by your HANDS or GESTURES. It is PERFECT for PLAYING and to HELP IMPROVE the BRAIN DEVELOPMENT of the CHILD. It is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to Gadgets and other unhealthy technology.

Mini Drone Toy has TWO LIGHTS a GREEN LIGHT for LOW SPEED and BLUE LIGHT for a FAST SPEED. It can AUTOMATICALLY LIGHT UP when DARK making it EASY for kids to FIND and CATCH. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY NON-TOXIC PP material. It is VERY FLEXIBLE and has a STRONG-IMPACT RESISTANCE. It is STRONG and DURABLE. It is SHOCK-PROOF making it RESIST the DAMAGE even when it FALLS.

Mini Drone Toy is very EASY to USE just GENTLY THROW the ball in the air and let it fly across the room and when you need to STOP it . just FLIP the toy OVER. It is GREAT for Family and Friends Activities.


  • Materials: plastic . electronic components
  • Fuselage battery: 3.7V 300mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Remote control signal: infrared ray
  • Charge time: 30 minutes.
  • Play time: 5-8 minutes
  • Product size: 11x11x6cm
  • Product weight: 30.5g


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