Portable Multifunctional Car Jump Starter – Quality Grabber

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Afraid of ending with your dead car in the middle of the night with no help? This Car Jump Starter can save your life!

While gasoline is like the food that fuels your car . the battery is thespark of life that actually gets it going in the first place.Without that initial jolt . your car might as well be a multi-ton paperweight.

Best Car Companion on the Road
Travelling is about the journey . not the destination??but what if the car battery dies and you don’t make it to the destination? Whether you’re moving bycar . motorbike . watercraft . ATV . UTV .or evensnowmobile .the Car Jump Starter restarts your gasoline vehicles up to3L approximately 3 times per charge.

What can you do with a massive20000mAh of power?Not only does the Portable Multifunctional Car Jump Starter jump-start your vehicle . but it also doubles as a battery pack torecharge your phone or tablet.

Built-In Intelligent Protection Device

Safer than the ordinary car jump starters . Portable Multifunctional Car Jump Starter has included a full-featured intelligent protection device.

Jumpstart your car or recharge your devices knowing thatovercharge .over-discharge . overvoltage . overcurrent . short circuit . high temperature .and inverted polarity safeguards are there to protect you all.

Integrated Flashlight for Emergencies
Several are the reasons why a car may die on the road and you’ll need a light to investigate.The Portable Multifunctional Car Jump Starter comes with abuilt-in flashlight.

Long press the power button to activate thestrong mode .press again to switch toSOS flashing .and press a third time to turn on thewarning strobe.


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