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Do you find yourself waling up with rashes . itchy skin . runny nose or wheezing and coughing? You might have mites in your bed! Worry no more . as we have a solution for you! Introducing the MITE KILLER ORGANIC PADS.

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Mite Killer Organic Pads is an ALL-NATURAL PADS that can KILL 98.9% of BED BUGS . DUST MITES and EVEN CHEMICAL RESISTANT MITES. It is made of ORGANIC INGREDIENTS making it SAFE and NON-TOXIC.

This PAD is STAIN FREE so it can be APPLY DIRECTLY to Sheets . Mattresses . Pillow Covers and more. It is SCENT FREE. This Pads EFFECTIVELY PREVENTS having Sneezing Runny or Stuffy Nose . Red and Itchy Eyes . Wheezing . Coughing . Itchy Scalp and Skin . Rashes.

Mite Killer Organic Pads is SUPER SAFE AROUND Kids . Plants and Pets. It PROVIDES a LONG-LASTING PROTECTION that lasts up to SIX MONTHS. It KILLS and TARGETS Bed Bugs . Dust Mites . Spider Mites . Russet Mites . Powdered Mildew . Aphids . Fleas . Molds Spores and their eggs in contact.

It is very EASY to USE just place it UNDER your Mattress . Pillow . or Bed Sheets and EXPERIENCE a HEALTHY and PEACEFUL SLEEP.

  • Ingredients: Wormwood . perilla leafs . stemona . green pepper corns . citrus leafs and more
  • 3PCS or 6PCS xNatural Mite Killer


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