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Just patch up and be protected from the harmful mosquito bites for 24 hours!

It is based on studies that FEMALE MOSQUITOS bite humans to consume blood as they need protein for their eggs development. In doing so . they cause IRRITATION and SWELLING but can also TRANSMIT some EXTREMELY harmful and sometime FATAL DISEASES. They can also cause HARMFUL ALLERGIC reactions to people.

Introducing a PERFECT PREVENTION to ENSURE our KID’S SAFETY from the mosquito bites . the MOSQUITO REPELLENT PATCHES.

Mosquito Repellent Patches is an ALL-NATURAL mosquito repellent that DECREASES the RATE of mosquito bites. It is CONVENIENT and LONG-LASTING. It is made with NATURAL HERBS such as NATURAL CITRONELLA oil and NON-WOVEN fabric making it ECO-FRIENDLY and 100% SAFE from CHEMICALS. This patches can PROVIDE a 24-HOUR PROTECTION by keeping mosquitos away from you and your children effectively round the clock!

Mosquito Repellent Patches can be CONVENIENTLY placed on clothing . chairs . strollers . tables . bedsides. It is PERFECT for travelling . gardening . hiking . fishing and other outdoor activities.


  • Composition: Natural citronella essential oil + Non-woven Fabric
  • Size: 11.5cm x 8 cm (packing) . Diameter 2.5 cm (each)
  • Colors: Random colors


  • 1 x Mosquito Repellent Patches (60 pcs)


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