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Do you need extra storage but doesn’t have enough space? No worries! Introducing the MOVEABLE HANGING BASKET SHELF.

Moveable Hanging Basket Shelf is an UNDER-SHELF BASKET that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to ADD EXTRA STORAGE by SLIDING the BIN OVER the Pantry . Cabinet . Closet Shelves and more.
It is made of HIGH-QUALITY STEEL WIRE making it STURDY and SAFE to use. It has TWO HOOKS under the BIN that you can HANG different ITEMS such as Tissue . Kitchen Towel . Wax Paper . Foil . Parchment Paper . Mugs . Cups . Cooking Utensils . and more.
Moveable Hanging Basket Shelf is GUARANTEED FUNCTIONAL and VERSATILE. It is PERFECT for Kitchen . Bathroom . Living Room . Bedroom . Office . Dorm . Apartments . Condos . RVs . Cabins and more.

It is LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT. It is an EASY ACCESS as it has an OPEN FRONT for a QUICK GRAB of your ITEMS. It is EASY to MAINTAIN and CLEAN just WASH it and DRY or WIPE it OFF with WET TOWEL.

Product Specification:

  • Color:Black / White.
  • Size:28.7 ?? 25.2 ?? 19 CM.
  • weight:600g.
  • Material:Metal

Package Included:
1xMoveable Hanging Basket Shelf


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