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Elastic and durable fiberglass nail for more natural alternative for fragile acrylic nails.
Did you know? That ACRYLIC NAILS can damage your natural nails underneath and it can be hard to grow out nails with acrylic on it. Also . damagednailis a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

That’s why we introduce you the perfect ALTERNATIVE for easy-to-break hard acrylic. Nail Extension Fiberglass Kit!

Fiberglass Nail Extension is the MOST NATURAL . LIGHT and FLEXIBLE NAIL EXTENSION. It turns its form within 1 minute from ULTRA LIGHT and SOFT FIBERGLASS to EXTEND the NAILS by SIMPLE CURING.

Its SCRATCH-FREE . ODERLESS . FLEXIBLE and ABLE to STICK CLOSE enough to prevent IFTING . POPPING OFF and CATCHING at the nail edge.

It can be TRIMMED for a CUSTOMIZED NAIL LENGTH and can be BUFFED and FILED for desired NAIL SHAPE.

Image result for nails design

Image result for nails design
Fiberglass Nail Extension is EASY to APPLY can be done without the need of another person. It is DESIGNED with CLEAR COLORS and FULL COVERAGE. It can be painted with any nail polish. It can last up to 30 days. It can also stand as a PROFESSIONAL NAIL REPAIR as it can strengthen WEAK and THIN nails.


  1. Trim the fiberglass to your desired length/ size.
  2. Apply base coat. Before the base coat dries . put fiberglass on nail surface and cure.
  3. Applyfiber builder gel and cure for 1-2 mins to strengthen the extension.
  4. (Optional) Cut the extended nails if necessary.
  5. (Optional) Technical sanding to make it more natural and smooth.
  6. (Optional) Apply top coat which leaves the nail always shinyand more durable.

  • Material: High Quality Fiberglass
  • Length (Fiberglass): 8 x 4cm /pc
  • Net Content (Fiber Builder Gel): 8ml


  • 1 Pack x Nail ExtensionFiberglass (10PCS)
  • 1 x Fiber Builder Gel


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