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Let your pets enjoy cold refreshments with this cooling bowl.

Keep your pets HYDRATED and REFRESHED all the time with this innovative NON-SLIP PET COOLING BOWL.
Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl is a PET WATER/FOOD DISH that has a GEL LININGS for a COOLER and FRESHER days for your pets. The NON-TOXIC GEL can be FROZEN for 2 HOURS which LASTS LONGER than ICE. The bowl is COMPACT and its RESISTANT to CHEWING. It has a NON-SLIP BASE preventing the SPILLS around the bowl.
Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl can PROVIDE a COLD REFRESHMENT for your pets up to 8 HOURS. It is SAFE as some ICE CUBES can be SHARP for your pet’s tongue . and there is no REQUIREMENT of ELECTRICAL CORDS or BATTEIRES. Its ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY . STURDY and can LAST for LONG TIME.
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Non-Slip Pet Cooling Bowl are SUITABLE for DOGS . CATS . RABBITS . and other PETS. It is EASY to USE just FREEZE the INNER GEL BOWL and FILL IN WITH WATER and let your pets ENJOY a CHILLIN’ DRINK. This bowl is EASY and SAFE to wash.


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