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One light step to unlock the stopper . no need for bending or squatting.

Here is a product that will help you KEEP your DOOR OPEN or PREVENT it from HITTING the WALL. Introducing the ONE STEP DOOR STOPPER.

One Step Door Stopper is a DOOR HOLDER that works the most SIMPLE and FUNCTIONAL WAY. It HOLDS your DOOR OPEN PROPERLY to PREVENT from SLAMMING and DOORKNOB IMPACTS. It KEEPs your WALLS and WALL PAINT SAFE. Unlike the TRADITIONAL STOPPERS that REQUIRES you to BEND or SQUAT to CLOSE the door . this stopper just NEEDS a LITTLE STEP TOUCH making it EASY and CONVENIENT. It is STYLISH and has a FRICTION that KEEPS it INTACT and IN PLACE.

One Step Door Stopper is SUITABLE for ANY FLOOR SURFACE such as Parquet . Laminate . Cork . Marble . Tile . and Vinyl. It can be EASILY INSTALLED in SECONDS with no need of drilling or hard glues. It is IDEAL for Home . Office . School or Business Store.


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 18cm x 8cm


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