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Make fishing experience easier and safer with the help of this tool.

Do you love to go fishing? Here is a new additional product to your fishing accessories . introducing the PERFECT COMBO FISHING TOOL.

Booms Fishing G09 Aluminum Fish Grip

Perfect Combo Fishing Tool is a TWO-IN-ONE FISHING TOOL SET that HELPS your FISHING EXPERIENCE become EASIER and CONVENIENT at the same time PROTECTS you from ACCIDENTS and INJURIES. It is a COMBINATION of LARGE FISH GRIPPER that HOLDS and RELEASES your CATCH by ONE HAND and a FISH PLIERS that HELPS the HOOK REMOVAL EFFICIENT and EASIER. The PLIERS is also CAPABLE of CUTTING the Fish Line and Split Rings. It is made of AIRCRAFT-GRADE ANODIZED ALUMINUM that DELIVERS an EXCELLENT CORROSION RESISTANCE making it great for long term use without rusting.

Perfect Combo Fishing Tool is LIGHTWEIGHT and DURABLE. It has a SAFETY LOCK when you CLOSE the PLIERS. And it has a DULL TIPS on the DOUBLE OPEN JAWS that PROTECTS the FISH LIPS from the GRIPPER. It PROTECTS and PREVENTS you from getting STABBED by SHARP FISH FINS AND GILLS. It has an ANTI-SLIP STRIP on the HANDLES to SECURELY HOLD the tools. It comes with a LANYARD to hook on BELT for an EASY CARRY.

  • 2 in 1 Set :Fish Pliers &Fish Gripper


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