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Perfect Light Glowing Phone Case dramatically improves smartphone photography & your looks in facetime/video chats. It has built-in LED lights on the front & back to have your face perfectly lit . let the hair shines and your eyes look stunning.

The secret to all great photos / selfies is the right lighting ?C NOW Snap crystal-clear selfies in dimly lit places with THE BEST light source!

The rechargeable casescan also be used as a torch or lighted make-up mirror ?C bonus.


  • Professional lighting to enhance image / video quality
  • Duo front & back lighting
  • 360?? comprehensive bumper design
  • Impact . drop & scratch resistant
  • Built-in rechargeable battery to power itself
  • Compact & slim design
  • Easy on / off switch
  • Great for selfies . facetime . movies and lights up a Room.


  • 1pc X Perfect Light Glowing Phone Case
  • 1pc X USB ChargingCord


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