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Vacuum Blackhead Remover Face Pore Cleaner Blackheads Skin Care Tools Machine Professional Facial Care Tools

SAY GOOGBYE to coarse pore . stubborn blackhead . dirt nose . rough and dark skin
The blackhead remover is easily deep cleansing pores . remove blackheads . dead skin cells . dirt . facial oil and tighten pores . help to keep your skin gentle and smooth . more young and full of vitality. Do you wanna to be much more charming? Get one . miracles will appear obviously after several days usage. .
Our Blackhead Vacuum Remover is suitable for all types of skin . whether dry . oily or sensitive. While some users who see instant results . for others it takes a little time. Persist with the treatment and you will see noticeable results..
Exclusive Beauty Lamp Functions:
RED LAMP-promote collagen regeneration . tender skin . restore skin elasticity; .
GREEN LAMP-decompose melanin . bright skin whitening . let skin return water tender and transparent; .
BLUE LAMP-antiphlogistic and sterilization . the inhibition of skin secretion . repair skin problem of rough and damage..
??Don’t use it over 5 minutes a time to prevent from skin damage.
??Don’t stay on one place too long to prevent from purple and red skin.
??Don’t use it on skin where has scar or is flimsy . such as jaw and corner of mouth.
??After using . skin will be a little red . don’t worry . it is a normal phenomenon.
??Don’t wash the blackhead remover body . it is not waterproof.
??It is more easy to leave the suction heads on your skin from the direction of left and right.

-Dry skin use it one time a week . oily skin and combination skin use it twice a week.
-It’s a long-term process to deeply remove blackhead . please insist on using it several times
to see the surprise effect.


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