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Prevent your pets from heat stroke and exhaustion with this self-cooling mat.

PET COOLING MAT isa product that will keep your dog cool and comfortable throughout the hot season. During summer or hot season . it’s a must to put more attention to our pets as dogs only produce sweat on areas not covered with fur . such as the nose and paw pads which makes them more prone to heat strokes and heat exhaustion.
Pet Cooling Mat is a SELF COOLING PAD that has a PATENTED PRESSURE ACTIVATED GEL CUSHION that COOLS and SOOTHES your PET that comes in contact with the pad for 3-4 HOURS. The pad ABSORBS the BODY HEAT to COOL them DOWN without the need of water . electricity or refrigerator. The SPECIAL GEL FORMULA makes the pad AUTOMATICALLY RECHARGE after 15-20 MINUTES of NON-USE.
Pet Cooling Mat also OFFERS a RELIEF from HEAT . MUSCLE and JOINT PAIN making it an IDEAL treatment for senior pets and with health conditions giving them the comfort they deserve. This PAD can be LAYED on the floor . sofa . pet’s crate . kennel . bed . outdoor or wherever you pet’s FAVORITE SPOT. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and can be FOLD EFFORTLESSLY. It is SAFE and NON-TOXIC. It is LONG-LASTING and MOLD RESISTANT.
Pet Cooling Mat is EASY to CLEAN just wash and use a SOFT CLOTH and clean with MILD SOAP and wipe clean with WATER. Allow to DRY completely before use or storage. It is machine washable . tumble dry . and NO BLEACHING.


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