Pet Hair Remover Rubber Broom – Quality Grabber

$55.95 $25.95

Do you struggle withpet hair all over your house?

The Pet Hair Remover Rubber Broom easilyremoves dog hair or cat hair from carpets . hardwood . tiles . stairsandany other surface.

Vacuuming just doesn’t pick up all the hair and will soonclog and damage the machine. Why should you have to lug out the heavy vacuum every time? All you have to do iswhip out theultra lightweightpet hair broom!

The pet broom is very easy to use . simply sweep in small strokes to makecleaning up pet hair a breeze.

You’ll be surprised to see how much pet hair you can pull out from fabric surfaces like the carpet or couch.No more being embarrassed when your friends come with pet hair all over their clothes!

Designed with soft rubber bristles that is safe to use on hardwood floors. Each bristle creates a static charge that attracts dust . dirt and pet hair thatwill cut your cleaning time in half.

This pet broom is theperfect solution for homeownerswith long-haired pets that shed their coats all year round.


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