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Holding the hose . juggling the shampoo bottle . maintaining control of your pet . it can be difficult to manage everything at once while also trying to wash and rinse your pet. The ergonomically designedPet Hose Scrubberwas specially created foreasy . one-hand scrubbing and massaging. Now . you can have more control over the entire situation with thisunique .hose/scrubberthat fits conveniently in the palm of your hand-without having to be held!

Two Function-Thehose/scrubberallows you to shower and massage your petsimultaneously . providing your pet with a spa-like experience.

Theunique bristlesdeep clean long or short haired dogs with ease . penetrating the fur all the way down to the skin for a gentle . invigorating massage.

When compared to standard bathing methods . thePet Hose Scrubbergreatly reduces consumption of both water and shampoo.

Thehose/scrubberisperfect for reducing bath time stressfor anxious pets.Youare more relaxed and in control . so yourpetis too!

1.Material: Silicon + ABS + Hardware

2.Color: Blue

3.Tube length: 98.5 inch


1* Pet Bathing Tool

2* faucet adaptor

4.Weight: 14.9 ounces

5.Suitable for: Dog . Cat .Horse


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