Pet Professional Dog Nail Clippers – Best Trendy Deals

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TheSafe & Easy Way To Trim Pet’s Nails
Don’t Risk Hurting Your Dog’s Internal Veins With A Regular Nail Clipper!

ThePetPro Professional Dog Nail Clippersis an innovative nail trimmer designed toremove pet nails easily and lovingly. It comes with asuper bright LED light and a magnifying glassthatguides users to trim the nailssmoothly.The LED lights allow you to see the delicate bloodlines . allowing you totrim at the right positionevery time.

When their nails are beautifully trimmed . thescratches on your furniture . doors . and walls are diminished. With this nail clipper . they’ll put out their paw and love you more every time you go for the trim.


  • Designed withUltra-bright LED Lightsthatillustrates the exact bloodlines of light-colored . clear nails . and dark-coloredallowing you to cut in the right spot . without hurting your pooch.
  • Comes with a5X Magnifying Glass magnifies the nail view . making it foolproof to cut your dog’s nails.
  • TheQuick-Clip Precisionmade of hardened stainless steel cancut nails instantly and painlessly. It also has aNail Trapper that catches all nailsso you won’t have to step on nails.
  • Perfect For All Size Dogshowever it Works exactly the same for Cats and Rabbits.
  • Solves all Difficulty problemsthat are usually suffered from cutting your dog’s nails. Besides . it evenSaves You Moneysince you no longer need the help of veterinarians.


  • Material:Plastic + Stainless Steel
  • Size:14.5*9*2.8cm


  • 1 xPet Professional Dog Nail Clipper


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