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Unwanted pet hair scattered everywhere in the house is definitely one of the inconveniences that pet owners bear. One way to do . it is by using this Shedding Tool Brush. It is specially designed with fine rounded bins to effectively remove loose hair . and eliminate tangles and trapped dirt without hurting your pet’s skin.


  • EASY AND QUICK HAIR COLLECTING FEATURE – When you’re done brushing your pet . simply click the button and the bins would retract back into the brush . then you can collect the hair off the brush.

  • THE PERFECT BRUSH TO GET ALL NASTY MATS OUT OF YOUR PET’S FUR – This Slicker Brush gently removes Loose Hair . and eliminates Tangles . Knots and trapped Dirt.

  • YOUR PET WILL NOT ONLY ‘LOOK’ GOOD BUT ‘FEEL’ GREAT TOO! – Our brush can increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

  • COMFORTABLE . STRONG . AND DURABLE– Our slicker brush is prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!


  • Material: Plastic & nylon
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Size: 18*10cm / 7*3.7 inch


  • 1 x Shedding Tool Brush


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