Pet Snack Dispenser With Wifi & Attached Camera – Best Trendy Deals


Automatic Pet dog cat Feeder Dispenser With Voice Record ?C Forevermily


  • Customize Feeding Time and Portion Control: This cat feeder provide flexible feeding schedule and portion size for each automatic feeding . allowing you to establish regular eating routines throughout the day without any stress;
  • Camera and APP Control: Free download Smart Feeder software compatible with Androids and IOS .you can control your pet’s daily feeding times anytime . anywhere .and you can observe your pet on your smart phone while you are away; Also the feeder compatible with Alexa;
  • Voice Record and 6 Meal Feeding: You can set the exact amount of grams to be fed on the app . 6 times daily .and you can add a recorded personalized voice message to play when it dispenses their meals. Recording 3 times in a row while dispensing the food . making sure they don’t miss a meal;
  • Two Ways for Power Supply: This dog feeder can be powered by batteries or cord .you can plug it directly and add D cell battery(Not Included) on the feeder to supply power .in case any of power cut off letting your cats or dogs hungry;


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