Plug-in LED Night Light with Automatic Sensor – Delicate Lilac

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Get Plug-in LED Night Lightwith Automatic Sensor and put them around your house.

No more stubbing your toes in the dark.


  • Bright enough to see where you’re going in the dark without turning on other lights . but not so bright as to blind you
  • Built-in smart light sensor . the nightlight automatically lights up only when the room is dark enough

  • Offset plugs and compact size . the nightlight does not block the second outlet

  • Costs you less than $0.20 per year to operate (based on 11 cents/kWh) . and no bulbs to replace with long life LEDs

  • Perfect for hallway . kitchen . stairs . living room . bathroom . bedroom . nursery . anywhere you need a guiding light

    Product details:

    • Voltage: AC 110-220V-50Hz
    • Current: AC 0.02A
    • Power: 0.5W
    • Weight:45 g

    Package details:

    • Package Weight:0.05 kg
    • Package Size:10 x 10 x 10 cm

    Package includes:

    • 1 xPlug-in LED Night Light


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