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  • Comfortably wear a Personal Pocket Baglike it’s a natural part of you. Enjoy the flow of getting exactly what you need instantly . withquick and easy accesswithin a swift hand motion.
  • Make up for limited pocket space with itsgeometrically designedpocketsto naturally fit all of your everyday essentials.

    • For both male and female with adjustable straps to fit any size. The strap has a total length of 105cm / 41.3 inches.
    • Clear awareness andeasily alert for any thieves.
    • Evenly distributed weight around the body – Lets your shoulders rest . unlike regular handbags.

  • Deep and sturdy inside-pockets layered underneatheach other with smooth silky material tomaximize space and convenience. You can alsowear it below your jacketfor extra safety . and use it as extra internal pockets.

  • Getthe premium feelof thedark-grey color . a vibe of sophistication .with the best-handpicked zippers .high-qualitywater repellent material.


  • ChooseRight Shoulderif you wish to have the strap on your right shoulder and the bag on your left side. (Recommended for Right-handers)
  • ChooseLeft Shoulderif youwish to have the strap on your left shoulder and the bag on your right side.(Recommended for Left-handers)


  • Size:90 x 85 x 40 cm


  • 1xPocket Bag


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