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Trying to keep your sideburns and beard looking neat and effortless?
The answer is in the Portable All-In-One Hair Trimmer! This Portable Hair Trimmer is a compact and solid hair trimmer for easy and comfortable hair removal. This trimmer lets you trim your hair anytime . anywhere . for you to keep your professionally groomed look. With built-in light so that you can see clearly what you’re doing. It comes in a handy slim design allowing you to carry it anywhere with no hassles.

Safe and gentle
A full body grooming system and is built for tough stuff. It is safe to touch even though it gets as close as a blade. That makes it easier for you to trim. Removes unwanted hair instantly and painlessly.
It comes in portable and cordless . makes it easier for you to use and carry around. An angled trimmer for noses . ears and eyebrows . can quickly and evenly trim your facial hair.

Crafted for convenience
Portable Hair Trimmer is made with ABS . rubber . and stainless steel. With precision snap-on guides for superior control. It has two different ends . one for trimming nose hair . beards . sideburns . eyebrows . mustache . etc.; the other end for haircut. Each end is equipped with two different sizes of comb attachment (2mm/4mm . 6mm . 1.5mm . 2.0cm) . suitable for you to take control of the length you want with your hair.
With built-in light and powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included). Packed in a box powerful enough for the tough stuffs . but yet so gentle for the most sensitive skin.

Package include:
-1 Hair Trimmer
-4 Comb Attachments
-1 Protective Cap
-1 Cleaning Brush
-1 User Manual


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