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We’ve all seen the memes . and pictures of toilet paper hoarders . and we all laugh. But there may come a time when you actually run out of toilet paper and you can’t get any becauseother peopleare hoarding it across the nation. Sure there are bidets you can get and some that even attach to your existing toilet . but this portable bidet might be your best bet for now. It’s super cheap . super easy to use . and you can take it with you anywhere you go. This way you can have a clean bum anywhere you go while we’re in the great toilet paper crisis of 2020.

The portable bidet is essentially a small water bottle that has a long-necked nozzle that’s angled at the end. This way you can fill it up with water . and point it up at your bum to give a good cleansing in lieu of toilet paper after you use the bathroom. Women can also use it after urinating by sticking it through their legs and front. For either use . just give the bottle a squeeze to spray the water out.

A great idea to have in emergencies . TP shortages . or for use while traveling . the portable bidet bottle . is made from an ABS nozzle and an EVA bottle. The bidet bottle is super soft and lightweight which makes it super easy to squeeze to get the water to come out of the holes at the end of the nozzle.

Here are the full instructions for operating the portable bidet bottle:

  • Fill the portable bidet with cool or warm water and screw the nozzle cap on securely
  • Place a finger on the airlock to prevent the water from leaking . while you turn the bottle upside down
  • When ready with the bottle in position . release your finger and allow spray to clean the intended area. Adjust grip for desired water flow


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