Portable iSteam Handheld Steamer – Quality Grabber

$79.95 $37.95

Steam out wrinklesin seconds!

No irons . no bulky ironing boards. Get rid of wrinkles on your favorite outfit with the Portable Handheld Steamer.

Fill the steamer with water . plugin and turn on. In seconds the water will begin to boil . shooting steam out the nozzle.

Perfect for all types of clothing. Wrinkles won’t stand in your way of wearing your favorite clothing ever again. Irons and ironing boards cost you tons of money . taking up a ton of space and requiring a lot of effort to set up.

The Portable Handheld Steamer has a small compact design that can fit in your cupboard or suitcase. Take it anywhere . perfect for weddings or trips where you need to look your best.

The water tank holds 120ML and provides 15 minutes of steam . a one time purchase that will keep your clothing wrinkle-free forever.


  • Color:White
  • Product Weight:490g
  • Size:8.15 x 4.92 x 3.15 Inches
  • Water Tank Capacity:120ML
  • Product Material:ABS . PC . Electric Heating Component


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