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A portables security lock that fits most doors and easy to install for your safe travels.

Everyone wants to have a peace of mind when leaving the house. They don’t have to worry about the house or their rooms while they’re away. But . HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

Worry no more because the Portable Instant Door Lock will take care of you and your home.

Portable Instant Door Lock is a portable industrial strength door safety device that prevents your doors from unnecessary intrusion. Keeping your houses and rooms SAFE FROM FORCE ENTRY!
This ANTI-THEFT LOCK works very well when EXTERNAL PRESSURE is applied outside the door . the revolutionary hinge and angle system secures it to the wall. PORTABLE SECURITY LOCK has an EASY INSTALLATION . NO NEED FOR TOOLS to install. Its size is moderate very easy for carrying. It weighs 0.1000kg only.
This product is made with HIGH-QUALITY stainless-steel material. Makes it very durable and strong.



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