Portable Juice Blender – Gummychoco

$99.98 $47.99

  • Stay healthy and enjoy freshly made juice with this mini portable juice blender.
  • Make your own delicious healthy drinks anytime . anywhere.

Summer is here and what’s more refreshing than a cup of fresh fruit juice under the scorching sun? Bring your own personal Portable Juice Blender with you so you can have freshly made fruit juice anytime . anywhere!

This Portable Juice Blender is small but powerful enough to thoroughly blend not just fruits . but also baby food . vegetable . seeds etc in merely 10 seconds. It has built-in 2000mAh lithium batteries and can be easily recharged by power bank . laptop . computer . mobile phones or any other USB devices . just like a phone! It is handy . lightweight and retractable. When compressed into its smallest size . it is even tinier than an iPhone.

Perfect for making fresh fruit juice . smoothies . protein shake and more . allowing you enjoy fresh nutrient on the go . providing a healthy and organic beverage choice for you.


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