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Traveling helps us to slacken and lighten our daily loads with work or stress but sometimes . it can be strenuous to travel especially with a newborn or an infant. With the Portable Mesh Baby Crib . you can rest well while you’re baby’s enjoying his/her peaceful sleep no matter where you are.

This baby item is amust-have for parents who love to travelor those who love going to parks and beaches. It’s aself-expanding screen tentthatcan be popped open and folded back down in just seconds.

It’s delicately designed toprovide peaceful and comfort sleep for babieswithout the stress and hassle. It’s soeasy to put inside your backpack and bring it alongto wherever you and your baby go. Now that’s convenience for you!

  • Comes with atwo-way zipperwhich enablesquick and convenient access to your babyinside the tent
  • Made of breathable translucent meshwhichgives you easy view of the baby while keeping the air flowing
  • Soft . comfortable . andprotects your baby from the sun . wind . dusts and insects bites
  • Saves up space with its foldable design
  • Ultra-portableand can be brought anywhere
  • Great foroutdoor . indoor . and travel use
  • Recommended for0-18 month old babies

No matter where you want to go . you don’t need to worry about mosquitoes . flies . insects and other annoying bugs at all.ThePortable Mesh Baby Cribgives your babies the comfort they need.


Size:120 x 60cm
Available Colors:Pink / Blue
Package Inclusion/s:
1 set of Portable Mesh Baby Crib includes:


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