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No outlet required! shave ANYWHERE ANYTIME!
Portable Mini Pocket shaver is a portable razor that will enable you to shave on the go . such as when you’re at work . at the gym . or in a public bathroom.

It’s been designed with men’s facial hair in mind . but women can also use it to shave their legs. This razor is only about the size of a salt shaker . and all you’ll need to do is plug it into your Android or iPhone smartphone in order to use it anywhere.

Once your razor is plugged in . shave your face or your legs as you normally would . except for the fact that you’ll be hanging onto your smartphone in place of a razor handle.

When you’re done shaving . unscrew the silver top off your device and dump the shavings that have collected within into a garbage can ( or the toilet ). Make sure you unplug the device from your smartphone before you do the unscrewing.


Rated Power: 4.5W
Rated Voltage: DC5 V
Adapt Interface: Mirco interface . Power Bank and USB adapter
Material: Stainless steel blade . ABS shell
Package Size: 4.3*3.6*5cm

Package Includes:1 xPortable Mini Pocket shaver


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