Mini Ultrasonic Portable Nebulizer Inhaler – Quality Grabber

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Breathe freely just as you should. This is an innovative . tried and tested handheld nebulizer designed for the most common breathing conditions. For that quick relief on-the-go.

Portable Nebulizer Inhaler

Get immediate relief from bronchitis . COPD . asthma and other breathing problems.This Portable Nebulizer is designed with a quick release medicine tank for an instant relief. Made of BPA-free . medical grade materials. This nebulizer is ultra-quiet you can use it even in the workplace.

Could also be used for vapor therapy for colds . flu and cough.
Includes a replacement mask. Powered by 2 AA batteries or via USB charging. Includes a standard power adapter

  • Immediate relief from breathing conditions
  • Portable . quiet and super easy to use
  • Includes a liquid cup
  • For all ages

How to use:

Make sure the device is clean. Use lukewarm water to clean if needed. Open the cup and add the right amount of liquid medicine. Attach the mouthpiece to the device. Press the power button and it should begin atomizing. Breathe in. Simply push the power button to turn off the machine. Store device in dry . cool place away from dust and direct sunlight. Make sure to recharge the unit before leaving home to ensure optimal function.


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