Portable Nontoxic Fly Mosquito Trap – Best Trendy Deals

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Bye-Bye Flies!

This clever fly trap lures pests in and keeps them out of your space and it’s so easy to use! Simply unpack and assemble the trap . add some food for bait and hang it up in an open area. ThisPortable Nontoxic Fly Mosquito Trapfeatures high-quality iron wire and gauze mesh construction. It’s environmentally friendly . durable and reusable.

Each trap will last for about 3 months . after which . you can decide whether to empty it or replace it with a new one. This effective trap is widely used in public places and outdoor environments . such as parks . canteens . restaurants . farms . green belts . food processing plants and yards.

Additional Advice:

  • To Empty:Take the bottom tray off . turn the cone section inside out and dump the contents into a bag or wherever you want to dispose of the bugs.
  • For Best Results:Do not hang traps too high. Hang them approx. ameter / three feetfrom the ground.
  • Use Where Annoying Bugs are Prevalent:Works great inhorseyards . farms . stables and on ranches. Lots of ourcustomers buy 2 to 10 traps to ensure coverage of the whole area.

Dimensions: 13 x 9 Inches


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