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Elegant . beautiful and luxury . these bottles are absolute fashion . perfect for storing some of your favorite Perfume in a smaller container

Perfumes have been an important and even necessary part of our daily lives. Hence whenever you leave home without spraying on some fragrances . you feel incompletely for the day. With the hustle and bustle of modern life as we all lead a busy schedule . perfumes are needed to keep us fresh and odor-free.

Smell great anywhere! This amazing portable perfume atomizer allows you to take your favorite perfume in a perfect travel size bottle anywhere you go instead of having to carry the main bottle.

How Perfume Atomizers work?

Atomizers were already used in the past . with the use of a bulb syringe that is connected to a plastic that goes inside the bottle of perfume.
It works by mixing oxygen and liquefied perfume . which results to a fine must of fragrance that is uniformly dispersed on the skin or the surrounding.
At present . perfume atomizers work the same way . but the bulb attachment is no longer used.


    Bring your favorite fragrances with you wherever you go

    Travel-sized . fits in your pocket and complies with strict on-board aircraft regulations

    So easy to use and re-fill

    Made of aircraft-grade Aluminum

    Integrated shatterproof window that lets you know when it’s time to re-fill

    Escape the hassle of bringing your bulky perfume bottle with the help of our travel pocket size perfume atomizer. It’s Aircraft approved: A certified must-have travel essential! You can bring it anywhere and everywhere


    STEP 1:Remove the cap from the bottle of your favorite perfume

    STEP 2:Insert the pump of the travel atomizer and fill it to the desired amount

    STEP 3:Great scent everywhere! Yes . it’s just this easy!


    Material:Glass inner container & metal shell.
    SizeDiameter:17mm; height: 80mm

    Their unobtrusive size allows them to fit comfortably in your pocket . purse . handbag . backpack . or luggage.


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