Portable Pet Cat Fountain – Quality Grabber


Rehydrating our pets is very important to keep them healthy and from shedding.More Than 3000 Domestic Cats Die at US Homes Each Year Because of Poor Hydration and Kidney Related Issues! Protect your pets from dehydration and attracts them to drink water with the use ofPortable Pet Water Fountain!

This product is designed to attract your pet’s attention with something sound of the falling water from the water fountain that will add their interests to drink the water in it.


-Carbon Activated Filter . protects your pets from harmful bacteria and keeps them healthy.

– Different Water Flow Settings . this setting is designed to give your pet entertainment while drinking.

-High-quality BPA free material and

– Low decibel pet fountain . the product’s motor is specifically made to be very quiet in order not to disturb your pet’s rest when it is flowing.


2. Prevent the plug and outlet from getting wet.
3. Place the power adapter in a higher position of the cat fountain.
4. Don’t allow the water level too low . or the pump may run dry and burn out.


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