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This is a compact printer specially developed to be able to print photos and texts with your smartphone by Bluetooth.

The best part? It uses thermal printing which means itdoesn’t need any inkto print!

It’sfaster .easier .more convenient and cheaperthan any other form of printing!

Download ourfree appfor Android / IOS and print all your selfies and photos ofprecious momentswith the push of a button!

With anelegant .simpleshapeand compact size that fits perfectly in a pocket or your bag. An integrated battery lets you carry it everywhere . saving you time . energy and money.

IMMORTALIZEYOUR BEST MOMENTS?CFeel the joy of remembering your bestmemoriesby printingthemdirectly from your phone . in an instant!

BE MOREORGANIZED?CStay in control when you work and print your notes toorganize your classes or label everything youwant.

PORTABLE?CHandy for traveling! Because the printer works on abattery .you do not need a power cable and you can take thePocketprint anywhere . anytime.

INK-LESS?CImmediately print photos at any location. Due to the heat technology . ink is not used and no unnecessary costs are added.

CONNECT WITH BLUETOOTH?CConnect any type of smartphone easily and quickly with the Pocketprint trough Bluetooth within a few seconds.

What you get withyour order :

  • 1x Mini Portable Thermal Printer + 6 rolls thermal paper
  • 1x User manual (+ a tutorial video send directly by email)
  • 1x Charger USB cable
  • Our love


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